Founded in 2017 by Gregg Finden, Red Earth Energy supplies and installs today’s top home, commercial, and industrial solar systems to help reduce energy costs and improve long-term financial efficiency.

We’re a team of highly experienced solar installation professionals who have serviced properties all over Australia, installing energy-smart systems that help power homes and businesses with clean energy.

When you’re ready for a smarter, more energy-efficient solution for powering your property, choose Red Earth Energy Solar and get the best support in the energy industry.

Red Earth Energy Solar Systems
At Red Earth Energy, we offer more affordable, personalized solutions that suit your needs and your lifestyle to fit your conversion goals.
Platinum Package
At Red Earth Energy we also provide custom batteries that can be installed with many existing systems, allowing your system to continue to run efficiently.
Red Earth Energy Our Work
We’re happy to come out and provide you with a complementary consultation and to show you how our services can help you save money on energy costs.
Our Work in photos

Please see below some of our domestic and commercial solar installations for our clients across WA:

Solar Panels Red Earth Energy Solar 6
Solar Panels Red Earth Energy Solar 4
Red Earth Energy Solar 7

Check out more photos of our work here or visit our page “Our Work”.

If you are interested in finding out more information about the installation of our Solar Panels, please click here.

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