Red Earth Energy Solar Panels Western Australia

Founded in 2017 by Gregg Finden, Red Earth Energy supplies and installs today’s top home, commercial, and industrial solar systems to help reduce energy costs and improve long-term financial efficiency.

We’re a team of highly experienced solar installation professionals who have serviced properties all over Australia, installing energy-smart systems that help power homes and businesses with clean energy.

When you’re ready for a smarter, more energy-efficient solution for powering your property, choose Red Earth Energy and get the best support in the energy industry.

Focused Partnerships

Here at Red Earth Energy we believe in providing customers with open, honest communication and affordable solar power solutions that suit their budget, long-term living expenses, and overall energy goals. That’s why we customize a system that best fits their lifestyle and helps maximize their financial savings.

Real-World Experience

We take pride in not only providing quality, affordable solar systems but also that we use Clean Energy Council Accredited Designers and Installers that are properly trained and boast hands-on experience. And with low interest finance options and affordable, customized services, you can finally start saving money on your energy bills.