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Solar Systems

When you’re looking to reduce electricity costs and need a long-term solution, nothing beats a flexible solar system solution that helps reduce energy consumption and allows you to cut down up to 80% of your energy bill on average.

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Three Solar Panels

At Red Earth Energy Solar, we offer three affordable, personalised solutions that suit your needs and your lifestyle.

We also offer installation services of solar systems to fit your conversion goals.

Ulica 370w
  • 12% more power than conventional modules
  • 15 year product Warranty
  • Power Output: 370W
  • Great durability against extreme conditions
  • Efficiency of up to 20.2%
Longi 370-1
  • Enables higher power and lower hot spot temperature
  • 12 year product Warranty
  • Power Output: 370W
  • Efficiency of up to 20.3%
  • Resistant to ultraviolet radiation
  • Low levelised cost of electricity
  • Innovative all-weather technology
  • Power Output: 350W
  • Efficiency of up to 20.4%
  • 12 year product Warranty

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